Do we need to Time Travel to our Past to secure our Future?

I had a dream at a night. We humans have advanced in Physics such a way that we had access beyond the 3 dimensions. We had found a way to enter the 4th dimension – Time. Yes, Time as the 4th Physical Dimension. Every moment we live is captured in a 3-Dimensional Snapshot or a Timeframe. An array of these 3-Dimensional Timeframe is itself the 4th Dimension. We could jump back and forth the timeframe we have created.


We humans have also advanced in Biotech. There had been Bio Technologies called HSS (Human Support System). These systems are used to complement the weakness of Human Body such as additional artificial mobile muscles are injected in human body. Or some artificial bones are fixed to support the human bones. There are artificial cells, neurons, heart, bones, lungs… You name it.


Humans had mastered the replication of human body parts and could replace or support any human body part. We could transmit memory or data from our brains to computers.We had mastered to enhance our Brains. We had installed AI engines alongside our Brains. So, Artificial Intelligence would support the Human Intelligence. An AI always assist the HI. A true Cyborg we became.


We had learned that Ageing is disease, not a natural process. We had found medicines to stop ageing our body and mastered the way to stay young forever, or rather say Young until you’re dead.


There are always a greater side effects when we try to play the nature. People were extremely addicted to Biotech that they could feel like Disabled when they use their own body only without the Biotech. There were people who would consume Biotech or Biotech chemicals so excessively that they would ruin the actual human body parts. It had become more like Toxic Drugs or Weed.

Woman With Pills

Those with weak will had consumed plenty of Biotech chemicals and turned themselves into living Zombies. Those with sharp business minds had made lots of money selling these Biotech for cheap and calling it the life changing formula for Human Race. There had been anomalies created in the future generations of human. More like a Virus. There had been new law for killing those ill humans who is infected by such Viruses or turned themselves into Zombies. There had been a very few humans left who were the pure human.


We had consumed and wasted lots of Natural resources available on our planet Earth. We have advanced in anti-gravitational technologies and found many matters and materials which helped us explore newer planets and new galaxies which were beyond reach earlier. We had found few planets were it was possible to live human life. We made our race a multi-planetary species.


We not only exhausted the resources of our planet Earth, but also of other planets. It was time of mayhem for humans that they have ruined their own life bringing these advance technologies in place.

Terraforming Mars by Anastasiya Prosochkina & Aleksey Mazur

It was time that some powerful humans have decided to visit the past using the 4th Dimension and help our ancestor to choose the right path for their (or our) future. Basically, we visited our own past in order to make our own future better.


We were careful, yet some humans of the past have learned that we are the Aliens from the future from the different galaxy. Well, we were nothing but the decedents of our past which these past humans are living today. We visited our past for two reasons. One is to educate our ancestors to make our future better. And Two is to bring some pure human bodies to the future in labs in order to produce some more Biotech medicines. We needed pure humans who have never consumed any Biotech chemical or meds. That’s why we had visited the way past of 70’s. We made pact with past government. We agreed to give them some of our future technologies related to Aviation and Weaponry. And they agreed to allow us to take some pure humans to the future with the promise of returning them back after using some parts of their body. Also, they agreed to keep our visit a secret from the public.


Despite disabling the sensory of the past humans, some past humans had found that they were taken somewhere out of their present. They perceived it as the Alien Abduction as a result. We took many humans from the past and kept the Biotech Business running for good and improved human efficiency.


There were yet humans in the present who were deeply infected. Government had to bring those humans in a private facility and burn them in bulk in order not to get the virus spread. So scary and painful to see Zombie humans burning together by the humans. And the dream ended with pain and sadness……


It was so painful to see what we humans have become. But it was reliving to see we’re not near this future yet in reality.


We will have to act responsibly in order not to ruin our own planet or our own future…!!!

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